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Personal URLs are a relatively new, yet extremely effective form of marketing.

What is a Personal URL anyway?
Personal URLs are the future of marketing. Think of it as a personal website or microsite which is set up to supplement and capture direct mail or email campaign responses. A Personal URL can be customized using text, images, videos, or audio specifically targeting information for each person's needs or interests.

So why do they work so well?
Because people love to see their name. Personal is always better in advertising and marketing. When compared with standard direct mail, It may cost a bit more but you have to remember the golden rule: "Personal Direct Marketing doesn't cost you money; it makes you money". Usually the more you invest, the bigger your return!

The future of personal direct advertising is here and the Personal URL is the way in which it all happens. The big companies know it which is why new movies, television shows, and big name brands are getting on board.

How does it exactly work?
Any mailings you send out are first supplemented with a unique microsite or landing page for each person or company in your list. Your mailings will direct potential customers to visit for example. This microsite will be personalized when they arrive and can be customized in any way depending on the type of campaign. Generally they will see a pre-filled form asking them to verify their contact info. At this time, we can ask questions, take surveys, register for events, or provide special offers and link to your own website.

Personal URLs make your campaigns interactive. Once they land on the page, their visit is recorded in our Personal URL engine, and any responses are recorded as well. Your sales team can be notified of these leads as soon as they arrive on the page and can turn a warm lead into a hot one.

Direct mail or email campaigns with Personal URLs will:
• Increase response rates
• Gain valuable information about consumers
• Manage customer relationships effortlessly
• Send qualified, real-time leads to sales teams
• Track and measure campaign responses in real-time
• Generate automated responses to your lead

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