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VDP allows you to personalize and customize each piece you print and mail

Just about any element can be “variable”: addressee name, graphic, message, even color, depending on target market segments.

How do we do it?
You establish your marketing objective. We work together to analyze your customer database to establish effective variable triggers and messages (for example, if female, offer pink background and 50% discount; if male, offer blue background and 10% discount) that will meet your marketing objectives.

Use variable data printing to:
• Match messaging to your customers.
• Manage your customer relationships.
• Make each mailing more meaningful and relevant.
• Increase the cost-effectiveness of your marketing.
• Vary your offers by individual customers or customer segments.

Variable data printing is most commonly used for:
• Custom Sizes - 2"x2" to 12"x18"
• Business Cards - standard size is 3.5"x2"
• Postcards - standard sizes are 4.125"x5.5" or 5.5"x8.5"
• Greeting Cards - A2 (5.5"x8.5" folded to 5.5"x4.25") or A7 (7"x10" folded to 7"x5")
• Brochures
• Fliers
• Posters
• Rack Cards
• Stickers

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